The Lonely Mountain
Never laugh at live dragons.


Thanksgiving, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Christmas is the best holiday OF ALL TIME.

Anyway, as you can tell, I don’t really like Thanksgiving. I mean, what do you do? Eat? That’s IT? It sucks.

I mean, I like to eat and all, don’t get me wrong. But I’m not a big turkey fan. Sure, there are mashed potatoes (and I love potatoes), corn, and rolls, but you can only have so many of those before you’re like, “Okay. I’m done.”, and leave the table.

And then all your family comes over, and eat with you and the dining room table is crowded, and you can’t reach behind you to get more food from the buffet because you’re sitting so close to someone else that you’ll whack them in the head when you to go to it. And that’s just AWKWARD, people. Especially if it’s your aunt’s boyfriend who you don’t really know at all.

Not that that happened or anything, because it didn’t. I wasn’t even sitting next to my aunt’s boyfriend, honest.

And then what, you watch football? I mean, football is okay and all but I don’t see why it’s such a big part of Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims didn’t have football. All it has to do with Thanksgiving is that it’s in fall, and hello, so is Halloween. Might as well start decorating Halloween cakes with footballs, too, grocery stores.

Oh, and don’t forget that for the next week or so, every meat you have in any meal (especially for dinner), will be replaced with turkey. Tuna and broccoli casserole? Turkey and broccoli casserole. Baked chicken and lentils? Turkey and lentils. And then right as you go back to school the next day, guess what the main lunch is? Turkey and gravy!

And then your aunt makes you go around the table and say what you’re thankful for, which isn’t so bad. What’s really bad is when you’re teachers make you write about it and “it has to be a page long, and you have to really put emotion into it, because if you’re REALLY thankful…..”

Actually, none of my teachers did that, THANKFULLY (haha), but I’msure some teacher somewhere did, especially in elementary school.

So, I guess there wasn’t really a point to this post at all, except to say about how much I don’t like Thanksgiving.

Maybe YOU do, and that’s great, but it’s my least favorite major holiday.




As you can probably tell, I totally lied in that last post.

But! That’s okay. Because if you were REALLY a fan, you would so stick around. 😛

Anyway, I’ve had a lot going on again. Getting my school work on track (Yay for having a 75% in Math!), doing stuff with my personal life, focusing on guitar, being excited about getting a cat, getting sick again, being pissed at my school, dropping out of a program…

All that good stuff.

And I’m not going to say that I’m going to get my blog “up and running and then I’ll be Internet famous and and and…” because I would probably just end up not doing it and lying again, haha.

So you can expect for this to stay stale for a while, and then I’ll probably post occasionally and stuff unless I get tons of comments flooding in and traffics up and jolly good and all that!

But probably not, ha.


Yeah 😛


Hey guys.

I haven’t been updating lately, and neither has Lauren.

And frankly, it’s pretty embarrassing.

But you know, I have stuff going on lately.

I just recently (not really, it was a week or two ago) it was my birthday and relatives were coming and then it was my grandma’s birthday so I had to go to her party blah blah blah and then my older sister’s awesome boyfriend gave me new music to listen to and I’ve been doing that and all.

But, fear not!

I’m going to start blogging again, and Amy probably is too, and maybe Lauren.

I’ve also been sick lately (my mom thinks it was swine flu) and have pretty much been laying around.

But I’ll redeem myself.

Don’t worry.


Is when someone ruins a high-five.

You get all ready, and you go in for the kill.

You get ready to slap that hand, and all you get from them is…

A little tap.

And you’re like, “Dude, seriously?”, which you don’t say out loud because that would be rude, but oh man, are you thinking it.

I know whenever I give a high-five, I high-five as hard as I can possibly can so it makes a nice, big, satisfying, SLAP.

For instance, today, I high-fived someone, and it made that nice “BANG!”. Then he asked if we could high-five again, and we did, and the Big Bang (teehee) happened again.

It was wicked.

But the awesomeness just isn’t there when the person on the other end of the Five doesn’t cooperate.

So, readers, today I am reaching out to you to tell you all, that next time YOU high-five, make it big.

Make it bang.

Make it GNARLY.


Readers, I decided today I wanted to be honest.

I have a confession to make.




I’m afraid of butterflies.

Yeah. You heard right.

Butterflies, man. It’s weak.

I can’t explain it. I mean I know they’re really pretty, but they’re so big…. 😡

Their wings are all..big and flaky, and let’s face it, their bodies are HUGE, dude, seriously.

And their noses! I can’t take it.

I know I’ll probably get crap for this, but you know. Ever since Lauren said she was afraid of/didn’t like pregnant women on her blog I decided to post this.


Now you know 😛


So, after much frustration and yelling, this blog was created.

This post is probably going to end up as like an “Introduction” post so you’ll actually know who I am and whatnot.

FIRST OFF. My name is Emily, as you could probably tell.

You could also probably tell I’m a girl. If you didn’t…well…yeah.

I’m a big fan of music. I’m learning to play guitar, and so far I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and This Old Man. It’s a start, considering I haven’t been playing all that long. My guitar is a electric black, BC Rich NJ series Bich. It’s from the early 80s, and it’s pretty awesome. It’s name is Merlin, for anyone who cares to know.

I mainly listen to Atreyu, The Devil Wears Prada, Iron Maiden, UnderOATH, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I like other bands, but that’s my top 5.

By my blog name, you can tell I’m a fan of The Hobbit. I have not read any of the LotR books yet because I wanted to reread The Hobbit before I started them and I wanted to wait until I got another book (The Zombie Survival Guide. Being safe is being prepared) until I read them so I could read them all together. Some other books I enjoy are Class Pictures, Freakshow, Totally Joe, and a ton of others. Wuthering Heights was okay, but hard to follow.

And now this post is getting way too long.

You can see what I’m doing every second of the day by finding me on Twitter, where my username is zimmerschrei. If you can’t find that, then just look for someone who has the picture set as a picture of Wembley Fraggle =P.